I am counting down the days. We usually mark off the days on the calendar for the last two weeks of school. I don’t even have a calendar hanging up anywhere this year, but I will be counting down the days for baby girl. She has 11.5 more days of school left. I think my hubster and I are more excited about it than she is. This year I let him have the reigns of dropping her off to school. He told me he saw what I meant about it getting “old” real fast. As a parent, there is no such thing as not feeling well. Your children still expect the same from you. We may look and feel a little worn down, but we keep on going.

I have yet to process any of her birthday photos, but I came across this photo from last year of our baby girl. She is always smiling about something. Lately, she, my niece, and I have been having fun playing Roblox together. My niece is 17 (goodness, I remember keeping her as a baby!) and she and Aida on the phone together is THE funniest thing ever. They are like an older/younger version of each other. Imagine 2 people sitting on FaceTime, one is watching a YouTube gaming loop and the other is shopping online or checking a social media site the whole time. Neither of them talk much because they are both so enthralled in their own activities. Then as soon as one puts the other on pause, the other shouts “why you got me on pause?” I can’t help it. I have to laugh.

At least once my hubster has told baby girl not to just “sit” on FaceTime, but I told him that is their ritual. That’s what they do. That’s how they spend time together since they are hundreds of miles away from one another. Every now and then, I may actually walk in on them having a conversation… with words being used and everything.

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Brand new page to share today. I have been in another world lately. More like the world of the sims. For a little while, I was brain deep in CSS/HTML in the beginning stages of putting together a blog site for someone special. Once I get stuck on one thing, my mind tends to stay in that one mode. Things got a bit crazy for a minute. Aida’s allergy has her sick and then, by the end of the week myself and baby boy were sick with a cold or something. Whatever we had was definitely not allergies like Aida. All is better now in the land of the free wild kids (lol).

We have about 12.5 days left of school. Woo hoo!!! Let’s scream and shout and let it all out! No? No, Britney and Will.I.Am moment? Okay…lol! I can’t dance anyway, but that song is how I feel about it right now. I am so happy. I hate being on a schedule.

Summer Goals

We do have two goals here though for the summer for baby boy: (1) Getting rid of baby boy’s bottle. I still let him have it before bed. I always believe in letting a child let go of things in their own time and it is time for him. He could definitely sleep without it, but I know it’s a comfort thing. I am in no rush to have him grow up, but I am ready to help him have better sleep habits. (2) Potty training. Yesss!!! He already has the potty seat that sit on the regular toilet and has been using it at random times. He will tell me when he was to go… sometimes. I have to watch him thought because for him it’s a game. It is like he does whatever it takes to get in the bathroom, so he can get in there to mess with everything. We will see how this goes though.

Summer goals for my daughter? (1) Read more. She has not read as many books lately and I need her to do that. I have told her the words will be much easier to spell after she has seen so many. It will just come to her. Well, it did for me. I used to read whatever I could (probably some things I shouldn’t have) just to learn new words. (2) Paragraph writing. She writes greats stories already, I just want her to get some practice and keep her skills fresh. (3) Have fun. She has done great since we had baby boy. It was like she grew up instantly the day she was born. I was like: “where is my baby girl?” She is so helpful and I want her to know how much we appreciate and love that about her.

Goals for our family? Hmm…  I would like to say vacation. We missed out on some pretty awesome celebrations already this year and I am a bit sad about that. It really, really sucks being far away from our entire family. Baby boy is not ready for that long of a road trip. He hyperventilated the last couple of times we tried and it was horrible. He looked like he was in pain. We will just have to wait until we can fly (which means I will needs lots of motion sickness meds) or make it a 2-day drive with a stop-over somewhere.

Head in the Clouds | “Today” Digital Scrapbook Layout

I do have a scrapbook page to share with you today. It was fun using this new template by Cheryl of Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs. It was a dream to use. When I chose what kit to use, I actually did not even think about it. I just love everything Allison Pennington makes, so I grab her latest BYOC offerings, which just happened to also have clouds in it.

I mean, it had to be fate right? Like the stars aligned, the light came gleaming through the mist and there it was … all great and just a perfect match together? Too much? Yeahh…! Really though, I enjoyed working with both sets of products on this page. I actually used a couple of iPhone photos. I need to scrapbook more of them. Flickr says, I have 1,955 of them!

**Links to the fabulous digital goods:

Thanks for looking and I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!

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Today is [inter]National Scrapbook Day (NSD). There will be sales, games and all sorts of fun things going on throughout the day. Since I am on the creative teams of my two most favorite places to shop, I had a chance to peek at all of the amazing goodies and even scrap with a few of them. This year is a little different since I have a toddler taking up most of my free time. I still managed to get 3 pages done and I have another in the works. I like to take this day and scrapbook and check out all of the fun that’s going on in the forums.

The Lilypad is having a 30% off storewide sale and there are all kinds of fun things planned in the forum for the weekend. The party has already started over there, including an amazing free collaboration has been released (more info here).  Sweet Shoppe is having a 30% off sale for the weekend and a few fun things in the forum. There is a gorgeous free with purchase collab you just have to see. I haven’t finished a layout with it yet, but the ladies on the team created some beautiful pages with it already.

Here are a few pages I have to share so far:

digital products used:

digital products used:


digital products used:

I will be back with more tomorrow I am sure.

Thanks for visiting!! Hope your weekend is off to a good start…and happy scrapping!

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