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Gaming Life: 14 Years of the Sims

As I prepare to share my first post about my favorite game on this blog, I realize that it has been 14 years since the very first time I played the Sims. Wow. Let me think and relish on that one. Sharing my game, my passion is something I have wanted to to do but just was not sure how.

The first few years I was all into it. The community is made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life and most are welcoming to newcomers (I always am). It is the one reason why even after all of this time, I feel okay jumping back into things and staying up-to-date  and even participating on forums. Right now, if I am reading and discussing anything about the game it is over at Mod the Sims. My first and only uploaded and shared sims was for a Celebrity Look-a-Like contest. My, my, my…how things have changed! I was so proud of that sim and her resemblance and now I cannot make a good looking sim on Sims 2 if I wanted. I miss the toddler life stage in Sims 4 so much that I recently re-installed Sims 3 and 2 just to have a more fulfilling gameplay experience. I am still keeping hope that they will bring toddlers back because it is way too weird for sims to have a baby and after they grow up, they are a child and able to everything on their own. I mean, honestly, toddler could be annoying but they were so cute especially in Sims 3 when you could actually take them places with you, including going on walks.

Back to my purpose here…today I just wanted to share a few photos of my favorite simmies (sims):

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