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Many thoughts have been going through my mind lately to get some new things happening. I am pretty sure my husband and I have had several conversations about my ideas and his. My biggest issue is knowing where to start. It’s great to have ideas, but if I cannot bring them to life, then there is no point. The one thing that I wish I could do is tap into the mindset of others who start off in this small ventures and end up doing such great things. There have been a few women bloggers that I follow(ed) from their beginnings to the present day and I am astonished at what they have done.

I may not be able to have one-on-one conversations with them, but there is an amazing free event starting today at Creative Live.

Details Below

CreativeLive is offering an exciting, free video series featuring 30 of the best, brightest and most creative minds of our time.

Renowned photographer and CreativeLive Founder, Chase Jarvis will interview people such as Richard Branson, Jared Leto, Arianna Huffington, Brené Brown, Tim Ferriss, Mark Cuban and 24 other successful, world-class achievers.

In this free video series, you will learn about the big thinking and breakthroughs that allowed these geniuses to break the mold. They’ll share their successes and failures, and turn them into actionable insights.

How to Sign Up for 30 Days of Genius

  1. Go to 30 Days of Genius at CreativeLive.
  2. Watch your inbox for an interview with a new genius every day for the next 30 days. You’ll get the first video the day after you sign up.
  3. Watch the videos daily, or at your own pace – whenever you want insights or inspiration.
  4. Repeat.

I have already signed up at Creative Live to get my seat and it’s not too late for you to do the same!

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