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All About the Words

We had a long rough night Thursday and Friday was pretty much the same thing. Aida has been waking up every night around 2 or 3 am to go potty. No matter how much juice, or milk she has or does not have before bedtime, it never fails that she wakes up at the same time. Thursday night she had a tummy ache and would not stay in bed. I hate when she has tummy issues; I hate seeing her in pain or uncomfortable.  Thankfully she was okay by the time she got settled in at daycare. I called to check on her a few hours after dropping her off and she was fine and playing as usual. When I arrived to pick her up, she just screamed “Mommy” and ran to me…almost made me lose my balance. Little moments like that keep reminding me of how much I am not ready for her to attend school next year (lol!).

I have a couple of scrap pages to share today. I am inspired more and more by traditional scrappers. I will always be a digital girl; even though, some of the traditional pages have me in awe I am not sure when I will venture that way. I know I have to at least try it again since I have started to see and read more about it. Any way… here is my first page of Aida-bella (one of the many “nicknames” I gave her…lol!) playing in her room…finally! :)

digital supplies used:

This next page is a part of my Project Life for 2012. I am so behind but I refuse to give in. I keep my notes and take photos of whatever I want to include so that nothing is forgotten.

digital supplies used:

This last page is a bit personal. I started with the template and I loved how many areas were just for journaling. I knew exactly the kit I wanted to use and then the photos came to mind. The topic was a  bit more difficult. I could not decide exactly what I wanted to express first. I always have many things I would like to get it out of my mind and on paper but narrowing it down took a moment.  I had the page ready to go with the embellishments and photos and now came the story part. Lauren’s kit had some word strips, so I read over those and decided I would use the first phrase that stuck out at me and that was “it’s my life” and the words just flowed from there.

digital supplies used:

That’s all I have for now. :) Thanks for visiting!!

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