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All opinions expressed on this blog are my own. The photos and layouts shown are my own, unless I have stated otherwise. I choose what to share and review. From time to time, I may use affiliate links to promote products. Please know that I only choose and link things I genuinely love and would buy myself {or already have!}. This blog is a true reflection of me and I appreciate your visit and support!

Documented Moments | Scrapbook Layout

This is probably my favorite layout of the year so far. With so many things bombarding my thoughts about this current pandemic, I can barely think about anything else. Creating this layout was a wonderful and welcomed distraction. Being able to look back at these fun and sweet moments is something I want to be able to do whenever I need it. They can be loud at times, but my children can also be very loving, too. I love seeing their bond.

Using a typewriter-style font, I made notes in small paragraphs. I stayed pretty close to the “bones” of the template and didn’t change much. I love the sketched-feel of these templates.

Just a Note | Pocket Cards + Words and Stickers – Designed by Soco

Sprung Template – Pink Reptile Designs

Storyteller BYOC 2020 February – Collection – Just Jaimee

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Remind Me of Summer | Scrapbooking

Trying to get back in the groove of things. So many things I stopped doing, procrastinated doing, and started doing all over again. I love saving our memories. I especially enjoy preserving our stories. One day I want my children, our family to be able to look back on these moments and at least get an idea of what life was like, what they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy. This week we have our second set of school conferences. It will be interesting. Brady has been doing well academically and behavior-wise. He had a few issues with classmates wanting to “wrestle” him and some were eating his snacks before he could even enjoy them for snack time. At one point, I thought to myself “Is kindergarten supposed to be like this?” They had me questioning even sending my child to school. We are working on solutions. At least one of the issues got resolved quickly once hubby and I went to the school. The snack bandit is another story (lol!). Aida is doing well academically and of course, she never gets into trouble. I have steadily been working with her on her memory by sharing some of the things that I do to help me to remember things. She is getting better. At the end of the week, she will be going to get braces and like most kids her age, she’s excited. Thinking about all of that and then looking back to where we were about 5 years ago seems so strange, but nice at the same time.

These little people are older now and are quite busy. Brady is still climbing on any and everything and still enjoys building things with his toys. Aida still enjoys her shows, which now consist of anime and meme-worthy videos. Our little 900 sq. ft. apartment will always be an integral part of our story. We were in such a tight space with too many things stashed in there. We made the best of it and enjoyed being with each other. Sometimes I think it helped us all to be so close.

This layout was inspired by the March Style challenge over at The Lilypad. Check it out here and there are some prizes up for grabs for challenge participants.

To create this layout look, the following were used:

MPM: Thrive – The Lilypad Designers

Thriving Kit – Allison Pennington



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Every Story Matters

Sooooo…it’s been awhile. I have opened my blog to post a few scrapbooking pages and each time something has stopped me. I am still preserving my family’s memories, but at a slower rate than I was before. 2019 was quite a year for us. Quite a few things happened and at the same time, a lot didn’t happen. I learned a long time ago not to invest to much in a plan because things can change at the drop of a hat. It’s hard for me to go with the flow if I have a certain picture in mind, so I have had to learn to let go of expectations. I still have goals or things I want accomplished. It is just a different way to see things. There’s no need for a whole day to be ruined because one thing did not go exactly as planned. When you have children, you learn that lesson quickly. From one second to the next, anything could change, especially when you’re taking care of your little minis.

My oldest has been growing up quite a bit lately. I am so proud of her and the hard work she has been putting into school. I was so worried at first, and for the first and second quarters, she made A’s and B’s. Their school gave them a celebratory ice cream party, which she definitely enjoyed. There is a backpack she wants from her favorite anime. We’re using that as motivation and so far, so good. In between, I try to treat her to smaller things just to remind her that I appreciate her doing so well. The better handle she has on school. the more fun we can have.

Now my kindergartner has been doing very well also. He has really impressed me with his behavior. At school he is a much different child. He makes sure not to get in trouble because he wants to earn ‘bear paws’ so that he can get prizes at the end of week. Their class as a whole also accrues points to win a class movie day and/or pajama day. Right now, he is able to read pretty much on his own. I have to remind him to slow down and sound out words he is not sure of. Some words that he thinks he knows, he will guess. And that’s when we go back and sound out the letter sounds in the words. He has good relationships with all of his teachers and the principal and assistant principal, and that makes me feel even better about sending him to school. I was so nervous to release my little boy into the care and supervision of people I don’t know. I still get nervous (sometimes it keeps me awake at night), but it has gotten a lot better.

The summer before school started was a quiet one. We had our moments of fun and a lot of teaching moments. Just from these photos, they have changed so much since the start of school. So as I looked at their school photos, I knew I had to create a layout of more of these fun little moments of summer. I am not sure whose idea it was, but they decided to run a toy business. They were creating new ideas for toys and holding board meetings to share their ideas. It was fun to watch and participate in. For this layout, I use Storyteller | Collection by Sabrina’s Creations and Designed by Soco Collaboration from The Lilypad. The colors are neutral, so you can use this collection for just about any memory you want to preserve.

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