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All opinions expressed on this blog are my own. The photos and layouts shown are my own, unless I have stated otherwise. I choose what to share and review. From time to time, I may use affiliate links to promote products. Please know that I only choose and link things I genuinely love and would buy myself {or already have!}. This blog is a true reflection of me and I appreciate your visit and support!

Oh, Middle School

Let me just start off by saying that my daughter is enjoying middle school. She feels like it has changed her life. How that happened, I am not sure. She has been better about going to bed at night. She has learned some organization and has gotten hang of passing classes. Now, if I could get the same enthusiasm for her to turn in her work on time, that would be excellent. Our school has a no homework policy. They would rather see the kids work during class where the teacher can help at that moment. Any work not completed during class becomes homework to turn in the next day. We have a live grade reporting website that we can access. Every time I see something marked as “missing,” I get worried. I have told her to just ask questions anyway and make sure to write down when any work is due.

Besides all that, she is also enjoying band. Her hope was to learn the trombone, but she was unable to play it. Instead she is playing the trumpet and so far, so good. She has been practicing daily and I can already hear a difference over these past few weeks.


About a month ago, they took school photos for their IDs and yearbook. She let me add a little flair to her puff. It was cuter than I thought it’d be and she actually let it stay this way for a whole week. That’s a lot for my minimal little girl. Of course, I had to document  it. Creating this page was quite fun. It has been taking me longer and longer to complete a layout, but this one was quick. I was inspired, I had a vision, and I was able to make it come to life in no time. To create this look, I used the following digital products:

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Baby Boy is a Kindergartener

A few weeks ago, Brayden started kindergarten. He was so very excited. He chose to wear his Minecraft shirt the first day and as I dropped him off, he told me it was going to be a super awesome day. Even though he felt so great about going to school, mama does not. Every evening he is falling asleep by 4:00 pm. None of us in our house are good sleepers. I have tried the whole bedtime routine thing. We will do bathtime, read a story, and then it is time to lay down and relax. Some days it just does not work out. For a couple of weeks, baby boy will be sleeping good and on time and then the next couple of weeks, everything is off. Knowing how small children, especially my own, behave when they don’t have enough rest, worries me. Just like I did with his big sister, I will give him a break if he has had less than 8 hours of sleep the night before. I don’t feel right dropping him off when he is like that.

I asked a few people for some sleep ideas and I got a couple of great suggestions. I still wonder though if 5 is too soon for a full-day at school without any nap. His school does give them a 20-minute rest time, but that still leaves me doubtful. No matter what though, I am the parent and if I feel it’s not a good idea, he won’t go for the day. I am not worried about him missing days because he knows most, if not all, of what he is going to be learning during the school year. Then there is part of me that wonders if I should have kept him home and taught him myself for this year. So many questions…parenting never gets any easier.

Anyway, here is my layout all about his first day wonders and my worries.

The kit used for this layout is by Wendy P Designs, Happy School Daze. There are always many cute school kits to choose from but I wanted something more neutral and I love the pops of yellow (one of Brady’s favorite colors).

For the title and “kindergarten” label, I used this wonderful serif font that I purchased in a bundle some time ago. It’s called Karmela. I usually am not a big fan of serif fonts but I love this one. It’s casual with a but of playfulness. I used a masking technique and the chalk paintbrush in Photoshop to give it the look of being written with chalk. I love how it turned out, and it’s a technique that worked so well with this font.

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Watch Me Floss | Scrapbook Layout

This little guy turned 5 years old at the end of July. He has been ready for this birthday for over a year now. Over and over and over he would tell me, “Mommy, I am almost 5.” For him, turning 5 was synonymous with going to school. He has been with me since he was born – all day and all night. It does not surprise me one bit that he is so ready. My biggest worry for him and school is his joy being taken away. Right now, he is excited for the experience. He loves to be helpful so I know he will be a great help to his teacher whenever he can.

The best thing is that he loves to learn. He learns very well on his own. We can show him how to do something and he will go off on his own, and be able to replicate it. Through YouTube, he has taught himself colors, counting, the alphabet, and math. He loves to give us math problems to solve. It’s so funny to be tested by a 5 year old. Sometimes I have to try to trip him up to see if he really knows the answer…and he does. The way he learns and the pace that he learns at are things I don’t want to change. So, as I told his big sister, if this school thing starts to feel like it’s not working, there will have to be some changes.  I prefer that they are in an environment that is conducive to their type of learning.

Now while Brady loves to learn, he also loves to have fun. Lately that has included  him trying to do all of the dances  his favorite YouTubers are doing.

For this layout, I wanted it to be as colorful and bright as his personality. Wondering what digital supplies were used for this look? Check out the links below.


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