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All opinions expressed on this blog are my own. The photos and layouts shown are my own, unless I have stated otherwise. I choose what to share and review. From time to time, I may use affiliate links to promote products. Please know that I only choose and link things I genuinely love and would buy myself {or already have!}. This blog is a true reflection of me and I appreciate your visit and support!

So Loved | Scrapbook Layout

At the beginning of this  year, Flickr changed its policy for free accounts. It was bought by Smug Mug after Yahoo just let it sit for so long. Of course, I knew there would be changes. I have had both a free and pro account over the years. Like many, I assume, I let go of my pro account when they announced everyone could have 1 TB of photos stored for free. That’s a lot of photos! I was only at about 1% of my usage with thousands of photos. It was like an extra backup, until SmugMug made changes. In the beginning of this year, free accounts were limited to 1,000 photos. They gave several chances for me to download all my photos and pay for storage, all the way up until March. I downloaded all my zips, deleted a few that were not linked to my blog, and let it go. The benefits just weren’t enough for me.

All that to say, I have been going through tons of iPhone and iPad photos that I never scrapbooked. That’s where these little gems came from for this layout.

I haven’t had the desire to scrap the way I used to, but today was different. I actually closed Overwatch to complete my layout. I love the colors and mix of patterns and I had to see them altogether. Using the custom shape tool in Photoshop for the half circles and some stitches I have had forever from Katie Pertiet, I was able to create this layout inspired by a gorgeous one I found on Pinterest.

Digital Supplies to Create This Look

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Baby Shark | Scrapbook Layout

I don’t know when, but I know it was Instagram video that got me singing “Baby shark..doo doo doo doo…” I had to laugh the first time I saw it. Like is this real? Then, my son told me he knew the song and it was over. We were singing it just to annoy my 11-year old. If she hears the melody, she will run out of the room. So when I saw this adorable new kit, Daddy Shark by Forever Joy Designs at The Lilypad, I had to use it.

Our little guy wanted a motorized scooter that was like big sister’s and these photos were the first day he took it outside. He was not ready for the speed though. It scared him and he didn’t even want to get on it. Up until that point though, he was having fun just being outside with dad.


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