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Have you seen….?!?!

The Lily Pad’s July BYOC?!?!? If you have not, you NEED to! I cannot think of one item I don’t love. It was so hard to choose where to start my page and then I thought, I’ll just make two pages. I could not resist. Many items from my first page I used again on my second page. I am trying to make myself scrap vacation photos that I have not touched (from 2 years ago to the present). We go out of town for my daughter’s birthday as a celebration/vacation. She had one birthday party and I knew, that was just not a good thing…for me…lol!!
Before I share the pages I made, I just have a quick share of  one of the photos I used. I posted this on my FB and I hate how it looks. I do not know what is their compression standards but they stink..lol! Anywayy…here’s the photo and my layouts with the latest Lily Pad BYOC products to  follow after with all of the credits listed and linked.
digital supplies used:

July 2012 BYOC

digital supplies used:
July 2012 BYOC
other TLP products
  • Template: Petunia by Sara Gleason
I am going to attempt to get some rest. Somehow I have a cold and a sore throat. I started feeling bad yesterday, but gee…I thought maybe it was just too cool in the room. Oh well! I will probably scrap most of the day and stay inside if I can. We have enough groceries…now I just need someone to cook them..lol! Ahh well…Happy Friday!!
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