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Lots of Color

I finally got some time over the week and this weekend to finish a few scrapbook pages. I try to work on my pages whenever I have a spare moment. Those days of creating pages in one 2- 3 hour sitting are over. On a good day, I can get a page done and start on another one. A bad day: I start a page and work bit by bit and usually finish it the next day… or so… (it has taken up to 3 days). This is my hobby and my peace so I feel the need to do it. If I let this go, then I would not have anything left that I was doing solely for me. I need the outlet and the fact that I get to play with color makes it even better.

So here are a few of my latest…

This weekend the new BYOC collection was released at The Lilypad. I loved the colors and they were perfect for this photo from about a year ago. I actually have another idea in mind I want to try a little later. I started this page and really was going to try for a more clean, less cluttered look…. and that didn’t happen. It took on a life of it’s own. For this page, I used…

This next page is all about the little man taking up all of my time. I just love it when he is smiling and in a good mood. Seeing him sit up so well now is a real treat. That has really changed things. There is nothing he won’t try to grab now. I used Up To No Good by Jady Day Studio at Sweet Shoppe Designs for this page. I fell in love with her kit the first time I saw it and instantly knew what photo I wanted to use. It’s rare that I use cloud elements on my pages; I love how it turned out.

One more about my little ladybug. She has grown up so much since her baby brother was born this past fall. I try to find some “girl” time for us whenever I can. Sometimes she would rather stay to herself watching Netflix or playing a game. She pretty much likes her time to herself just as much as her daddy and I. This is definitely one of my favorite photos of my big girl. Jenn Barrette and Lauren Grier’s kit, Everyday: Cherish along with Jenn’s Everyday: Cherish Word Bites and Bits, were perfect for this photo. I also played around with some filters in Photoshop to create the lighting effects around the edges.


That’s all from me. Thanks for looking! Hope your weekend is ending on a good note!



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