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My Bright Idea

So here I am the other day trying to think of how I am going to take control of my life and make some changes about my weight. I have a habit of start to workout for a good two weeks and then I completely stop for a month or so …and then I feel bad, start again…..then the cycle repeats. Well, I figured because of my DNA that I needed some diet changes and to exercise. I was scanning Pinterest for all of these smoothie recipes and decided to try some. I was so excited. Did not one time stop to think about my fruit allergy. So I buy the fruit, almond milk, spinach and oat and proceed to making my smoothie. It looked green and gross  

but it did not taste bad. Within seconds, my lips, inner mouth, face, throat and hands are starting to itch. My throat itches so bad that I wish I could remove my esophagus so this smoothie does not get any deeper in my digestive tract and make me itch even more…lol! I look around the empty kitchen and proclaim I must be an idiot. LOL!!! Cause who else would do all of that and forget they have an allergy to the best part of the recipe [the fruit]. I mean I don’t know what made me think I would not have a reaction. Surely I will scrap about it one day. ..but mannn…I really need to think more before I act…lol!!

Enough with my silliness…. I really wanted to post today to share some of my latest pages. I plan to work on some project life pages in a few but I have a few recent favs.

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  • Oh man, how awful about the fruit allergy, I have never heard of that! I do the same thing… do good for a week or two and fall off the wagon.

    Your LOs are gorgeous, as always!ReplyCancel

  • Yes- it definitely a weird thing to be allergic. It makes it harder to do right. Thank you for the compliments on my LOs! :)ReplyCancel