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October: Games + Origin

It’s the middle of the month. It came in sneakily and the days have been going by quickly. I find myself withdrawing more and more each day. Trying hard not to go back in my shell. One of the very few things that is preventing it is my interest in the Sims and a few other games. During the summer, my teenage nieces and I tried out Roblox with my daughter. She had us playing all kinds of games, but at some point I got stuck on Phantom Forces. We would all get on FaceTime and play until the morning hours, but now that that ship has sailed, I want a game experience I can get more out of. Something with a little more progress. I love the Sims 4, but that’s pretty much playing life and sometimes I need to escape that.

Origin has been advertising their Origin Access subscription each and every time I open the Sims. It’s $4.99/month and you get access to a vault of games. Five dollars is not too much to try out a game or two, so I indulged. The first 2 I downloaded were Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 4. I like Mass Effect probably the best of those two. It has that save the world plot going on which is always present every time I have a dream. I don’t think I have had one dream in my entire life where I was not trying to save someone or something. It’s crazy, I know.

I like Battlefield 4, but I feel like it definitely takes skill and strategy and I will have to get used to being able to maneuver around. A few of the situations seemed a little too real for me one morning, so I had to stop playing. I will probably try it again later. Just not right now.

Over the weekend, I installed Reshade 2.0.3 for Mass Effect and Battlefield. I am loving the deeper colors and more contrast. I wanted to try out Reshade 3.0, but it is a little different and I need to get a better understanding of how the shaders work. Playing around with those settings probably took up at least an hour of my time to get them just right.

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