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Oh Wednesday…

Today is starting off pretty good. Well, I thought it was until…. it started snowing non-stop after I left the school! I thought … “oh, I can run to the store and pick up a couple of things and walk around a bit.” Soon as I get back outside heading to my car, I see it is not stopping. Two days… TWO days… we had wonderful 40 degree weather… sun… birds… and now this. Surely, this should mean I am over it and done whining…  It is supposed to stop around noon (according to The Weather Channel)… we shall see.  It makes me think about a teacher I had in high school. Every morning she would recite Psalm 118: 24 – “This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Now, our class was supposed to respond with the second part of that (‘let is rejoice…’) but on days when it was looking gloomy or storming, you would barely hear anyone say anything. She always would tell us that even the rainy days are beautiful because God made them and we had the blessing of being able to wake up to another day. I always try to keep that in mind when I am complaining about the weather because as I like to say, “No day is promised.” I am pretty sure it drives my husband a little crazy when I say I only live for the present, but I really do. I may be mad one minute but I have learned to get over it as quickly as I can. I just cannot have one moment ruining my entire day. That would be a waste. I used to do that. I probably still do but it’s not as bad as it used to be. If one little thing did not go the way I pictured it, nothing would be right the whole day. Seems really silly as I think about it.

Ohh…this morning..I remembered why I try to keep quiet. Most times it is because of the thoughts that cross my mind. My thought process sometimes can be too logical and plain .. ‘what’s the word?’ ….. crude…  sometimes. Ugh! Still not sure if that is the right word. Like, this morning my daughter and I are sitting down in the cafeteria as they are showing a little video and it’s of the girl from Frozen singing. I see my child all wide-eyed. FIRST… I guess I should say, I have read a bit about this movie and seen little clips and nothing about it made me want to take my child to see it. Soooo…when I heard the singing this morning and saw her all googly-eyed, I just thought “oh great…another movie I will have to buy.” As soon as I thought it, she said it. Before I knew it, I just went “bleh”  and sticking my finger towards my throat to show my disgust. She was all like “why mommmy?” I said, “I am sorry baby…I just don’t do super girly.” We laughed…. she understood and preceded to ask if we could see it with popcorn at home. Of course, she will see it and I am just going to suck it up.

Thought I would share a couple of my recent scrapbook pages. I always post them on Facebook but there were some from this past week or so that are definitely my favorites. I love seeing the traditional pages with watercolor and when I saw it was being highlighted as part of Trend Watch at The Lilypad, I knew I had to play.

 photo tron-trendMar2014-700_zps6de00275.jpg



 photo tron-trendMar2014-b-700_zpse64ccac5.jpg


One day I will get bold enough to try this and make a “real” mess but for now… I love my digital version. In case you are curious, the products listed below were used to create these pages:

Now…. I guess I should get on to folding the pile of clothes that is just sitting here staring at me. Later!

Thanks for visiting!

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