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Oh, today ….

It is late and I just finished up a page I have been working on today. Tired cannot even begin to describe what I feel right now. Just.. ugh! It is my daughter’s spring break week and we have mostly been at home… playing the Sims 3 mostly. I love being home and if I do not have to leave the house.. all the better. I told her we would go to lunch and the movies. Not sure if that will happen since she has been sick. It is so weird. First day of her break, she came down with a cold. She is getting better now but she is really playing up the sick card. Anywho… don’t want to make this a long post. I got some new brushes and styles yesterday for Photoshop and had fun trying them out.


Sleeping is becoming more and more uncomfortable but I am going to have to force myself to lay down. I have been sleepy since 6 this evening and have yet to lay down. Plus, I have had a migraine that is just lingering. I take Tylenol when I see my vision getting blurry to stop the migraine but it seems it is only keeping it at bay. Driving me a little crazy. I actually started to think I should just let it happen and get it over with. Oh! A little good news… we find out in a week whether Aida will have a brother or sister. My appointment got pushed back, so she won’t get to go with us. I plan to pick her up something special to let her know baby’s gender. I have an idea and if I do it, I will be sure to post photos.

Hope you are having a good day… thanks for visiting!


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