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Plotting and Planning

So, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I always tend to plan and plan, but it does not always work out the way I imagine it. I have been working on coming up with new ideas for my blog. I figure I will start with one thing at a time. I am pretty excited about this and it is something I have wanted to do for some time now. I will not reveal too much but all I will say is that it is scrapbooking related. Now that could be just about anything… right? My little man is not quite sleeping at “normal” hours yet but his sleep pattern is a lot more predictable now. I have never been one to try to put a baby on a schedule. I mean, he is a baby… what does he know about a schedule. Anyway… if all goes as well as it has so far, I will have a little preview by the end of this week.

I am getting pretty excited that Christmas break is almost here. I look forward to having my ladybug at home with me during the day again. She already told me not to wake her up and that she plans to sleep until 2 pm every day. Now, I do not see that happening as I never wake her up weekends; she voluntarily gets up on her own. Last year we spent a lot of time on Facetime with my nieces (13-and-15 years old) and we had so much fun. The past few weeks I have been asking them if are we going to do it again this year…. and, they still have not answered me. Maybe that’s a sign… lol! The last 2 years, we have done Elf on the Shelf. I plan on doing it again this year but decided to do it as the 12 days of Christmas, starting on the 12th. I figure that way I won’t be burnt out so fast trying to figure out 24 things to do. Ladybug is super excited though.

I posted this on my Facebook but I thought I would share it on my blog too. This is a recent favorite photo of my babies. My 6 year-old keeps reminding me she is not a baby but I keep shrugging her off. I keep telling her she will always be my baby.

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