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Such Great Plans

Yesterday I had all these plans on what I was going to do. I was going to complete some pages for my ‘about me’ album, re-arrange my closet, post a creative page that I’d completed, search for some baby things and get back to reading this book I started last week. None of it…. and I mean… none of ithappened. I am not sure if I should blame this computer of mines that has been acting funky the past 2 days or if it is a Google Chrome issue. Right now, I am typing this post on Firefox. It was taking Chrome forever to load pages. I disabled the extra flash player, some extensions and plugins. I checked to see if I needed to run the disk defragment utility since it was not just the browser that was responding slow. I even did a restore back to a couple of days before windows did some wonderful (i.e. crappy) update. Just ugh!! It does seem much better today.

I was looking at my post drafts earlier and realized there are a couple of posts I should finish up. Not sure if I will share them or not. One of them is about the birth of my daughter and how I want this time to be different. I did not get to experience it how I wanted and am finally able to admit the disappointment I have had all of these years. These days I try not to talk about any of these things with anyone except my husband. He is the only one that listen and gives his support. Now, he definitely shares his opinion but I know that it is just that. It’s not aggressively thrown towards me. Whereas when I am speaking with others, their immediate response, when I say I want the natural birth I missed out on, “Oh, you don’t want that.” Or.. I get … “girl, you will change your mind.” Knowing what to expect now and knowing what I would like, as long as baby is okay, is definitely at the forefront of my mind now. I don’t want to feel like I let myself down again. I was a very angry person after the birth of my daughter and I have worked to get away from being that person. I usually trust my instincts in every other aspect of my life and I definitely plan to do that when it is time for this baby to be born.

Anyway…..enough of that… back to this about me album I am working on. I used to journal a lot when I was younger. Around the age of 11 or 12, I started to write down all of my thoughts and keep them in a binder. There were newspaper clippings, event tickets and a few other things that I collected to remind me of what I was like at those stages in my life. I still have some of these things because I said that one day, if I ever have kids, I want them to know what I was really like. I am pretty much an open book with my daughter but I thought it’d be neat if she could read the thoughts I had when they first crossed my mind.  One day I am going to dig out those journals and start to scrap those pages, but first I have a few on my hard drive that I need to “make over” and have printed. Here is the first:

I did not  keep up with the credits because I was all over the place with choosing items to use. From looking at my layers in PS (Photoshop), I used digital scrapbook items from Karen Lewis, Amy Wolff, Echo Park, Karla Dudley, Kristin Aagard, Just Jaimee, Allison Pennington, Amy Stoffel and Gennifer Bursett.

That’s about all from me. My daughter has her first concert at school tomorrow and I am so excited. I have got to make sure my camera batteries and memory cards are ready to go. :) Thanks for visiting!

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