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30 Days of Thanks : Day 1

2 Nov 2013 | Personal

A little late but the day is not over yet. I have been wanting to participate in the 30 days of thanks project but never got around to it. I would start writing my list on my phone or in a notebook and forget to keep going with it. I am trying to do better this time.

Today, I am thankful for waking up to see another day and being able to see my daughter’s beautiful smile. I do not always talk about how I feel but I have been thinking a lot lately. So many people are leaving the world that I do not want any day to go by that I do not let the people in my life know how I feel, especially her. I am still in awe that I have a child so sweet and happy as her. She is like the better part of me. Don’t get me wrong, she has her ways…. she is a kid. I have seen this child express how she feels about subjects that some are hesitant to approach with children. I believe if she asks a question it is my duty to give her the an honest answer in a way she can understand. I am just grateful for this chance to raise her, love her and to have my life continuously changed by her.

Because I miss her little chubby cheeks and baby face, I took a stroll down memory lane and found this photo of her from April of 2012.


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