There will be a little bit of a transition period on my blog. While I love digital scrapbooking, there are many other things that I enjoy and fill my time with these days. There will also be a move soon, so I will chronicle it as I have before. You may even see some posts about games I play. I want this space to truly reflect me and no matter how pretty I try to package it and make it seem cohesive, I am all over the place. My mind goes from one thing to the next as does my interests. I cannot wait to share! what to expect Living life our way and
having no regrets.
On the horizon Tronesia about I am a 30-something mama of two very active little humans (girl, 8 & boy, 2). Met my husband in 2006 and we have been together since then (married in 2013) on this interesting journey called life. Since the birth of our daughter, I have been creating a digital history of our life and creating scrapbook albums to preserve those special moments we want to remember.

That led me down the path of photography and in 2009, I bought my first DSLR. I take my camera almost everywhere with me now; it's like my third child. We are currently living in Wisconsin, which has been a big change for a girl raised in Birmingham, Alabama.