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Almost 10 Months Old

21 May 2015 | Life

This little guy will be 10 months old in less than a week. He stands up holding onto anything and anyone. He loves to clap and throw his hands up in excitement. He is an expert at blowing spit bubbles. He could win the world record for most baby drool produced in 2 seconds flat. Most of all, he is mine, mine, mine. I mean, yes, he has a mommy and a daddy who take great care of him (we do our best!) but oh…. how I know he is mine.

He is very temperamental. I have not wanted to admit that. It is the truth and I am okay with it. Not like I have a choice…lol! I have to laugh about it because that’s just the best way to handle it. He cries when I don’t let him chew my phone or when we take away some other dangerous object that he wants to chew on. He will not leave me alone when I am eating, no matter what is. Just when I thought I could enjoy my nice cold bottle of water, I hear him panting and pulling up on my shirt to get a firm grasp to stand and smile… and wait for me to share it with him. A few weeks ago he became super clingy. Right when I thought I had gotten him on a good schedule. I was having him bathed and in bed by 9PM with his big sister, and then … he changed the game on me. Once we pick big sis up from school, he is up for the evening. Around 7:30 or 8PM, he is super tired and wanting a nap. I try to stretch it out with bath time and a little play time. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t. If he is asleep before 10pm, he wakes up between 11 – 11:30 pm and stays up until 2 am. That was my time to scrapbook or just enjoy the quiet; that is no more.

While he is awake, he wants me in the room where he can see me. If I disappear for one second, he starts looking for me and anything over a minute results in a screeching cry. Brushing my teeth, doing my hair, putting up groceries, checking the mail, and anything else… he is right there. No matter what though he is my little Brady-bear and I love him. It has been challenging trying to balance out the amount of attention I give both of my babies but it is worth it. Pretty soon this little guy will be a year old and I cannot wait to celebrate and look back on all the moments we have shared this past year.