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Birthday Fun

19 May 2014 | Photography, Reviews, Scrapbooking

I am still shocked that my little baby is officially 6 years old now. I just cannot believe it. I know she has to grow up but it does not mean I have to be ready for it.  Right? Lol! To celebrate, we took her to Nickelodeon Universe which is inside the Mall of America. The moment I saw it, I just knew it was where we had to go this year. She could ride majority of the rides and enjoyed them all. There were a few big roller coasters she really wanted to get on but the height requirement was 48″ tall and she was short by about 6″. That did not stop her though. The first thing she wanted to get on with her dad were the bumper cars but as he went off to ride one of the big coasters, I got her to try out the “Rugrat Reptarmobile” bumper cars by herself. She was nervous at first but I think she got the hang of it.





I am so tired but I definitely missed indulging in my second favorite hobby. I created this page using a lovely new collection by Gina of Digital Design Essentials called “Little One.”

Hopefully, I will have more photos edited to share today. My mom wanted to make sure I took plenty of photos for her. She has been with us on all of Aida’s birthday trips except this one, so of course I had to make sure to capture as many of these special moments as possible.

It’s almost 6 am here and I was supposed to be sleeping. Lately, it has been hard for me to stay asleep, so I opted to get up and finish my scrapbook page instead of staring at the walls…lol! That’s all for now….. thanks for visiting!