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Not sure what it is, but the color green has captured me for the past year. With the change of each season and as the new year begins, I find myself attached to a certain color. I look at it as the earth and air around me trying to help me connect and ground myself.

For me, green symbolizes growth and harmony and peace. 2023 was not the year for me. There was some good in it, but enough bad that I want to just forget most of it. 2024 was starting a little rocky and I was not too sure about it at first. It’s getting so much better though. Plus… we are almost halfway through it!

I cannot believe how fast time is passing. Probably because I have a long list of things to get done before the end of the summer. As a parent, pshh.. as an adult…. it’s usually when you have a deadline you’re trying to meet that time seems to speed up.

I’m trying to make time for scrapbooking more and just plain old finding the motivation. The page I want to share today is a focus on a little project my son got into a couple of years ago. He went on a field trip with dad to a gardening center. They gave them beans to take home and learn to take care of. Now, those didn’t last long as he forgot to water them. A couple weeks later, we made a trip to let him pick out seeds of his own. He called them his kids as he watered and checked on them daily.

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