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Days Like This

18 Jun 2018 | Life, Scrapbooking

I miss the days in Wisconsin when we would just ride around and find somewhere to go. This particular day we knew we wanted to go to one of the parks on the lake, but was not sure which one. We ended up at this one on Lake Monona and walked around a bit. We saw the little play area and my husband walked the kids down towards the water. In my head, I was thinking please don’t get to close. The water looks gross. Please don’t let my kids in that. Next thing I knew, he and baby boy had their shoes off. My daughter is squealing asking if it’s really okay and snatching off her tennis shoes and socks. I just shook my head. At the same time I was panicking thinking of all of this, and also happy to see them happy and having fun. The one thing they did not know or realize is that none of them had extra clothing in the car except baby boy.

This outing was just to get out of the house and make a quick trip to the store. We definitely didn’t make it to the store, but they definitely had a fun day outside.



To create this layout, I used a recent digital kit by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Studio Flergs called Scrap Your Stories: Summer Cookout.