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Documenting the Story

22 Mar 2015 | Scrapbooking

One of the most important aspects of my scrapbook pages are the little notes I leave for my family to read. Sometimes I write exactly what happened that led to that moment where the photo was taken. Other times I may be in a more reflective mood and tell a story about my childhood and/or write more of a comparison (for example, this happened back then and now you…etc…). My main goal is to help them go back in time and remember how they felt during a certain time. The neatest part about writing on baby boy’s pages is that he will not remember any of these early moments but I will surely have it all written down. Some of it will definitely be good for a laugh later in life and some will be cool to read and put together the pieces to see how his personality developed. My daughter enjoys picking up her albums to find out what she used to do or look like at a certain age. Sometimes she will just ask me, but other times she will get out one of her albums to have a look for herself. I try not to worry about how much I write on a layout. It can be a short note, a list, or it can be as lengthy as you would like. It just depends on how you want to tell your story. For my almost 8 month old, I like to make a list of the things that he can do. So, each month I try to make a page and include a list of the milestones he has accomplished.

Here are a few of my recent pages:

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