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“Don’t Crowd the Kid”

17 Jul 2014 | Photography

The other day we took my daughter to the park and my husband wanted to grab the camera to get a photo. I let him know he made need some distance because I have my “don’t crowd the kid” lens on the camera. He laughed and shook his head. I explained it to him. Depending on which park we go to, there are more parents in the play area than kids. The place where there are more parents has a lot of parents who like to “hover.” I try to hang back and take a seat, so that the children can play and talk more freely. They just don’t seem to play as well if adults are hovering over them. Sooo… when the playing is going well, I put my 85 mm lens on the camera and stay in the background.


With this distance, I can get comfortable on a park bench and still have a good view of my child while she enjoys her play time.