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Elf Antics | Christmas

15 Dec 2014 | Personal

So, as it gets closer to Christmas, I find myself getting a little more excited about it. This year I am still doing Elf on the Shelf, but instead of starting at the beginning of December, I decided to do the 12 days leading to Christmas. I just had to be honest with myself. I knew there was no way I could handle any more than that. It has definitely been the right choice. I was not sure if I would get another elf for Brayden or just have the elf bring along his reindeer friend. Here are a couple of photos of their antics from yesterday.

I thought she was over having to look for him each morning, but she actually wakes up and it is the first thing she does. Brayden got a kick out of the reindeer. He actually tried to nibble on one of the reindeer’s antlers. He thinks everything is edible…lol!


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