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February… already…?

17 Feb 2014 | Scrapbooking

I have been saying over and over I should post on my blog and I just have not gotten around to it. It has almost been like I have been avoiding it. Crazy… I know. This was something I have wanted to do as a way to get thoughts out of my head…but most times the introvert in me just refuses.If something is bothering me or has me thinking, I find it hard to talk to anyone. This evening I just figured I would share my latest project life pages.  I am on the path to finishing 2012 and hope to have it done before this summer. I have so much from 2013 to document about my family and I have only done the first 3 or 4 weeks so far. I just don’t want 2014 to be over before I get a chance to at least start it.

My little lady was out of school today because of a winter storm warning. The forecast says we should have gotten anywhere between 5 to 7 inches of snow. I am just ready for that mess to start melting. It just seems like it will never end. Last year, by April… it was starting to melt and then everything was just a wet mess outside. I just want to feel some warm sunshine. The sun has been out but it is so cold. One thing I did get a chance to do was experiment with my Silhouette. The three of us got together to make Aida a shirt for Valentine’s Day. She loved it! It was not perfect and that Silhouette heat transfer was a pain in the — to get onto the shirt, but we got it done. I learned a lot… let’s just say that. Anyway… I have to go make us something for dinner… so here are my latest pages I have completed for project life:



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