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Fun at the Arcade

17 Oct 2014 | Life, Reviews

Just wanted to share some photos from this summer. We got a chance to check out a place called Vitense Golfland. Pretty neat little spot for a little summer fun. Aida had been asking about baseball and her dad wanted to find some batting cages. This place had some but she was not tall enough. I probably should have checked that out more before we left home that day. Either way, she still had fun playing in the little arcade. They have a huge miniature golf area set up indoors and outdoors. I just wish we had chance to play. It was hot and I was pregnant at the time, so that was a no-go for me.

Aida racked up over 700 tickets and got to take a home a few cool prizes (plus a few candies for her dad and I).  Maybe we will get a chance to go next summer and check out the Water Wars area. The best thing about this little outing – it cost us less than $20 for a couple of hours of fun.