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Growing Up | Scrapbook Layout

23 Oct 2018 | Scrapbooking

Hiii!! New post for a new layout. It’s been a minute…again. I have been spending a lot of time on my games and within the community. It has felt really good to reconnect with a passion that I could not enjoy for a little while, but I am going to have to find a balance. Anyway, on to the layout…

This page is all about my baby girl growing up. She is in fifth grade now and time is moving too fast. I still remember when she was a chubby cheek baby that smiled all of the time. Wherever we would go, people would say how pretty she was and they loved how happy she was. It was rare she cried or was upset. Now that she is going older, her range of emotions and how she deals with things is different as expected. One thing I try to teach her is that it is okay to feel how you feel. Learning to handle those feelings and how you react to things in an appropriate way is something that we have been discussing. She does pretty well. A few times I have heard her get tilted on Overwatch and that’s when it is time to pause, back away from the game, and talk about how she could have handle it differently. Sometimes it is what it is. We are human and aren’t all going to agree with one another. She is learning though. I hate that the world isn’t as sweet as she thought it was when she was younger, but I would rather she find out things now when I can walk through them with her. All of that was on my mind as I created this layout.

This photo was from a couple of years ago and we were heading out to pick something up after school. We were still in Wisconsin and it looks like it was a warm October day. To get the look of this layout, I used the following digital scrapbook products from The Lilypad:

  • In Review | October 17 Templates – Sabrina’s Creations
  • Then & Now | Kit – Designed by Soco and Sara Gleason’s Collaboration