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Her First Trip to the Library

18 Jun 2013 | Personal, Reviews + Recommendations

Aida has tons of books and loves to read with her dad. It is not often that she and I read together but I am working on that. I told her my favorite memories of going to the library. Each Sunday my dad would take me to get books. I loved going to the library. I remember walking down each aisle of the youth section and picking out books. There were so many I wanted to read but it was hard to decide where to start. Sometimes I would take home 15 or 20 books and I would read them all within a week. I loved, loved to read. Reading was my chance to escape reality. Any book I read I could see the images in my mind like I had watched a movie. I just hope my daughter will be the same way. I learned a lot from reading a lot of random books. I read anything I could get my hands on.

My daughter walked all over the children’s section of the library at least four times before she gave the final okay on the books she chose. Every turn she discovered something new. I really wanted to bring my camera to get a nice photo of her at the library, but I was not up for the hassle of getting the okay. Sometimes I get nervous talking to people and it was one of those days where I wanted to be bothered as less as possible by strangers. It is the main reason I choose to stay home most times. Such a weirdo…I know! She did enjoy the trip to the library and that’s all that matters.


The first book she decided to read was my favorite РThe Day the Babies Crawled Away by Peggy Rathmann. The illustrations were  silhouettes, which I loved, and the way the story was told kept my eager 5-year old on her toes. She was anxious every time I turned a page. It had just enough repetition and rhyme that it was not overwhelming.



I am pretty sure we will be reading this book again…again..and again.


  1. Haley Black

    awhhh look at aida she’s reading! :)

    • Tronesia

      She is trying Haley! She is sometimes afraid to sound out the words.


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