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Her Love of Play-Doh

9 Sep 2013 | Photography, Reviews + Recommendations, Scrapbooking

My daughter has a habit of watching toy videos on YouTube. I have no idea how she finds them but she does…and sometimes, it drives me a little wild. She will sit there and watch another child playing with all kinds of toys. Then, start the questions. “Mommy, can you look at this?” “Mommy, can we buy this?” Those questions do not stop until an answer is given. I am guilty of just quickly throwing out a quick, “yes, sure sweetie.” I mean, anything so she will calm down. Most times she sees those toys and forget all about them…except this one particular item. It was months and months that she asked for Dr. Drill-N’-Fill Play-Doh set. One day I decided we would try out one set of Play-Doh to see how it would work. It was the Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe that she chose to start with first. I bought a cheap plastic cover for the table and let her go to work. Now, she did very well keeping the area clean, so next time around we opted for the Drill-N-Fill set. Oh my goodness, she had even more fun with it. I was just astonished anyone could have so much fun playing a dentist. I hated the dentist as a kid and I definitely did not want to “pretend” to be one.




Now, the dentist set was a lot easier to play with than the ice cream shoppe. We did not have to bother trying to squeeze the Play-Doh into impossible shapes or make sure it ran all the way through the machine. This was simple and to the point where she could play without assistance. I did feel sorry for her patient after awhile. She was borderline torturing the poor guy for hours (lol!).

If she loves and enjoys it, I am all for it. I was especially glad to get her away from the electronics for a bit. She will gladly take a couple of hours playing around with her Play-Doh sets. Any cleanup needed is definitely worth it. I have noticed her cleaning it up as she plays though. I was pretty impressed after that. I never remember doing any such thing as a child (lol). She is definitely one of a kind.

I also created a page about this moment which you can check out below.

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