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Holiday Fun

24 Nov 2016 | Scrapbooking

My daughter’s favorite time of the year is here. She just loves Christmas and the days approaching. Her excitement gets a jump start when I show her the first toy book. By the time she has looked through it and circled every single thing, I hit her with: “Now… can you narrow it down to your top 3 things?” She has started to draw different pictures using Microsoft Paint. They are quite creative and it is amazing to see how she puts together each piece of artwork. Since I can have Photoshop CC on two computers, I am going to install it for her this weekend after I re-install Windows 7 for her. The plus is that our computers are in the same room, so I will be able to easily help her find her way around. I want to see more of that… more of her creating… discovering… because I know she has it within her.

Last Christmas the four of us shopped for one another to fill our stockings. My ladybug had a great time picking out gifts for her baby brother and her dad. On Christmas, we unplugged from our computers and spent the whole day together. We even indulged and played with some of the kids’ toys. Since baby boy is more active now and gets protective over certain toys (his trucks and cars), I am sure there will be some hilarious moments this year. That is what this layout is about. Just one of those little silly moments that we will have to look back on.

This scrapbook layout was created with Christmas Templates [x] by Scrapping with Liz and City Sidewalks Pocket Cards [x] + Full Kit [x] by Amber LaBau, which are all available at The Lilypad. The places on the template for the photos I decided to clip digital papers to them. I colored the “happy” and “holidays” stamps within the kit and then sized them smaller to put them at the bottom of the tree. Finished the base by using a piece of digital washi tape as the tree stand. There was a scatter of lights in the kit and I just used the select and move options to space out the lights a bit. I wanted it to look embellished, but not too cluttered. The pattern in the top corner is actually one of the pocket cards from Amber’s set. I really love how the layout turned out.