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Journaling on Scrapbook Layouts

22 Feb 2017 | Scrapbooking

Since I began digital scrapbooking, telling the story of the moment has been important to me. I always made sure to include at least a few sentences about what is going on and what I want my family to remember. In the scrapbooking world, we call it journaling. There are times when it is difficult for to journal on a layout. If I am upset, sad, or cannot get my thoughts focused, it is hard to write out the story.  I need to feel it. If I cannot connect to it, I cannot do it. I have tried and usually turns out bad. I don’t want to just throw words on the page. This week I decided to try something different and yesterday I posted a letter to my daughter.

There have been some things lately that I have wanted to write down and tell her. She and I talk quite a bit, but lately there has been more conversation. She hears her father and I talking and then the children and teachers at school talking and she brings her questions and concerns to me. It is always interesting to hear how she interprets what she hears people say. I always worry that she will be gullible and think the world is all peachy. It seems that is not the case. She definitely has began to learn that where there is good, there is bad. I always speak about the balance. I wish everything could be good and positive all the time, but that is not reality. As I wrote the letter to my Ladybug, I had all of this in mind and more. My goal is to keep up with them monthly and turn them into scrapbook layouts.

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