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24 Feb 2015 | Personal

Sitting here with Brayden (7 month old) and he is doing his usual and chatting it up with me. Then, I realize the sounds he is making are starting to change. He was making a “da-da-da” sound and almost sounded like ‘doddy.’ I show him a photo of his dad, and he just breaks into the biggest smile. No matter what is going on, when Denard comes into a room, this little guy has the biggest and brightest smile. AND… just like his very talkative father (sorry…love you babe, but you talk a lot… lol!) … Brayden starts a conversation with him. I am anxious to see what their relationship will be like as Brayden continues growing up. I foresee a lot of long conversations.

[Brayden | 2 Weeks Old | August 2014|


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