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Last Day of Summer Break

31 Aug 2016 | Life

Slowly but surely, our time has winded down and it’s time to get back into routine for school. This past Monday we got a chance to meet my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher, set up her supplies at her desk, and have a look around the classroom. When we were buying the rest of her supplies last weekend, she told me was so ready for school. I think just the preparation of it all had her excited about the year ahead. I am so happy she is still enjoying school and I hope this will continue on with her. The only thing I didn’t like about school was being away from home. My daughter is a little bit different. She enjoys having friends and getting to know new children and has those moments where she just enjoys being to herself. This year (same as last year) she has a teacher that is new to the school and so far, so good. She seems easy to talk to and I am glad and hopeful for the year ahead.

Later today we will pick out her outfits for her first couple of days of school and then, tomorrow morning we will all get up to have breakfast with our Aida-belle and then take her to school. I am sure her brother is going to miss having her around. The last couple of years he was too young to understand what was going on. It will be interesting to see and hear his reaction this time since he is talking a bit. 3rd grade…. cannot believe I have a child in the 3rd grade. Oh! I just want her to stay my baby. I know, I know she has to grow up.

I will be back with first day photos as soon as I can and trying to adjust to posting more and getting back in the swing of things.

Hope you are having a good Wednesday!