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Last Day of Third Grade

22 Jun 2017 | Featured, Life

Miss A attended her last day of school and third grade on June 8th. One thing that we will definitely miss about Wisconsin is her school. She has had a great four years there. It was first school she went to. Miss A had a wonderful start to kindergarten with an amazing teacher. I remember trying to run through alphabet sounds with her and beginner words and she would just start asking me about everything else. By the end of kindergarten, her teacher had her reading books without assistance. I was impressed and I believe that definitely set the tone from there. Her reading has been much further ahead and now after a productive third grade year and another great teacher, her math skills are stronger. She has not had a teacher we have not loved and I am hoping the pattern continues when we move.

From her classmates, her teachers, and other staff and faculty at the school, everyone tells us how kind, polite, and helpful she is. They say that we raised her right, but I always laugh it off. I laugh because I know that is genuinely her nature; it has nothing to do with me. She has taught me quite a bit herself. I am very proud of her and I am sure her dad is as well. As we get ready for this new adventure ahead, I am hoping that her sunshine-like disposition stays bright and full.  I know she will miss her friends, but I do believe it should not be too bad for her to make new ones. She is so easygoing and sweet. I am going to do all that I can to help make this as smooth of a transition as possible.

We have many memories and I plan to include as many as possible in her scrapbook.