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24 Apr 2013 | Scrapbooking

These past few days I have almost felt like I have been living in a bubble. Under a rock or something. If I find a new project I want to start, I get completely consumed with it. First, it was reading this HTML/CSS book. I could not focus on anything else and now, it is scrap booking but with paper materials instead of digital. By Friday, I will be ready to start my scrap journal. I am even contemplating a hybrid 2013 project life which I am still not sure that’s a good choice (considering I am behind on 2012).  I am pacing myself though – one step at a time.

I got a nice surprise as I clicked a link from my email today. One of my pages was included as inspiration on the Creating Keepsakes blog. I was shocked! I am over here ready to learn to scrap as well as those ladies with the paper goodies…I am really honored, smitten and all of that. You know, when I get comments on my pages, most times I do not know how to respond. It makes me feel good and I am excited to read each one… I smile…. I even get surprised when people I do not think would look at my page will stop to make a comment. It really and truly is a feeling I cannot describe and so, sometimes I may not respond just because I cannot find the words. I am not good at all at being social but I am trying my best to do better. My child is very social and loves interacting with others. I know that she has gotten this from her dad, and her grandparents, even. I mean – I am an extreme introvert about some things and it has always been easy to write it down (or type it out onto a blog). I have all of my old journals and diaries and I even kept up with some of my web URLs that I have had in the past. I have a lot of thoughts that go through my head and I wish I could express them as well as I think them. Now…surely…that is not why I started this post but it came out as I typed…lol!

I wanted to share a recent page of mine. I have thousands of photos that I need to scrap and although it looks like I only take photos of my daughter, I do not. I have photos of other things that I end up not sharing, but I do love sharing photos of the food I have cooked. I do not like washing dishes so I rarely cook all of this “pretty” food but sometimes it is fun to play around and I love getting photos.


digital products used:
  • by Sahlin Studio: Kitschy Kitchen Alphas,Kitschy Kitchen Mixed Media
  • by Sahlin Studio and Jennifer Barrette:Kitschy Kitchen (kit)
  • by One Little Bird: In the Loop no. 3

Now I am off to catch up on some things around here. :)