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Lessons for my Children | No. 1

It has been a little over a month since school started and so far, 2nd grade is going pretty well for my little lady. I did something I did not think I would ever be ready to do. I signed up to volunteer at least once a week in her classroom to help during Math. At first I was reluctant and then after going over some homework and thinking about the practice worksheets I would create for my daughter, I knew it could be a good thing. I like working with her and helping her see how something seemingly difficult can be so easy. I believe everything in life follows a pattern of sorts. A childhood friend of mine once told me, “Nothing is new under the sun. It’s all been done before.” This is so true, when you think about it. So, if that holds true, then finding your way to a solution or answer is not as hard if you are open to seeing it.

My daughter, Aida, definitely learns and receives information differently than I do. My husband is almost like a drill sargeant sometimes and that bothers me, but it actually captures her attention. He does not want to have her too far ahead, but at the same time he enjoy introducing to new concepts she may not have reached yet in class. When he was in kindergarten or first grade, he told me how he would finish his work early for his class and then be taken to learn with the other kids. He  would be doing work 2 or 3 grade levels above his own. He does not want Aida to have all of that pressure and feel like she has so much to do that eventually she burns out before she is out of school.

Whereas myself, I did well academically because I thought I had to. I went to a private Catholic school and had a mother who took me to church every Sunday. I remember being around 5 or 6 years old and thinking of how I was hearing everything talking about their purpose and mission in life. I thought my purpose was to be a child, a good child and that meant doing all of my work as best as I can. Not only that, I remember two of my male classmates mention that girls were not as smart as boys. All of that drove me to do my best. Then as I got older, I started questioning life and the  and how we got to where we are. Everyone going to college to be able to get a good job. But why? It’s not like a job is promised to you or if you will even get the job that are aiming for. Why do you want it? I struggled with that….  I still do. I feel like the whole system was meant to put everyone in a box. I want my children to be happy and know they have a world of choices but make them according to what they want, not what they think they should be doing because it is the norm around them.

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