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Let’s Shellabrate My 11 Year Old!

23 May 2019 | Featured, Personal

My daughter is now 11 years old as of about a week ago. For birthdays, we  have been keeping celebrating small and fun with the family. For a theme, she wanted mermaids and I was able to find the most adorable mermaid decorations. Our grocery story bakery, which I know is safe for her tree nut allergy, had a mermaid designed custom cake. I ordered it right away. She told me the two things she wanted were these Kawaii face masks and some Poopsie Slime.

I was against Poopsie after first, but her little brother insisted she really wanted that for her birthday. The biggest pro to this slime toy is that I didn’t see any mess left behind. Usually, when they are playing with slime, it gets everywhere. I have at least two of my favorite blankets with slime/putty that will not come off. Poopsie, though, has everything it needs in the container for making slime. My daughter told me she actually got two of the rare figures. I was impressed, especially since I ordered them off Amazon about a week before her birthday.


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