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1st Grade | Where’d the Time Go?

26 Aug 2014 | Life

Yesterday we got a chance to meet my daughter’s first grade teacher and see the classroom she would be in this year. I am happy to say… so far, so good. She seems nice. Everything was very organized (which I just loved) and I think Aida is with a good group of kids again this year. She has some of her previous classmates from K5 in the same room as her and one of our neighbors that she has played with outside. I am also glad that all of the tree nut/peanut allergy kids will all be in one room this year. Her K5 teacher (and most of her classmates) made sure she was safe from all things containing nuts. Her teacher would call if she was not sure about something or let me know ahead of time if birthday treats were coming so I could send something special for Aida to enjoy. This year hopefully all will go just as smoothly.


It was a little hectic today, so I only spoke with Aida’s teacher shortly. I am not ready to send my baby girl back to school, but she is ready to go. I know she misses the social aspect of it. School is where she gets to play with her friends and learn new things (which she enjoys). Last year, she did so well with reading. She says she liked math but her reading skills are just impressive. I am curious to see what the year ahead holds.