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A Girl and her Toys + Thanks

The weekend went by too fast. I do not even know how. My daughter had Friday out of school, so we made it a PJ day and stayed around the house. We cleaned up her room and got rid of a few toys. I really need to find something to do with the toys that are in good shape. I have a Minnie Mouse cash register, talking/singing Dora backpack and a box of K’nex at minimum. Then there is the matter of this Barbie dream house. “Santa” brought it last year and already she does not want it anymore. She wants her old dollhouse back, which was the Loving Family grand dollhouse. Something told me not to get rid of it. The funny thing about it is that her actions are the opposite of what she says. I moved the Barbie house into the living room so that I could start taking apart the house, and the next thing I know she has rolled her Barbie storage case, toy box and a slew of dolls into the room. This is the most I have seen her play with the house since March.

aida16nov2013-w   I guess I should just be glad she is back at it again. She has never been a child to play with a lot of toys. The toy thing comes in spurts with her. She would rather play games on the iPad or computer.  photo divider_zps2a44ec72.png 30 Days of Thanks.  I have not forgotten about it. I have to say it has put me in a more thoughtful place lately. No matter how much I think I am having a bad day, I can still find things to be thankful for and appreciate them. Here is my list this far: Day 13: I am thankful for naps with my daughter. Sleep has never been one of her strong! Day 14: I am thankful for books. We took Aida to her school’s first book fair. She was so excited. She ran around looking at all of the books and came back with two plus a Minecraft poster. Day 15: I am thankful for the comforts of “home.” It may not be perfect and spacious but it is our place of comfort and warmth. No matter where we are, when we are all together it just feels “right.” Day 16: I am thankful for project life. Before hearing about this way of documenting, I always wanted to find a way to involve and keep up with my family’s life, not just an album about my daughter. I may get behind but it serves as a great reminder for our little everyday moments. Day 17: I am thankful for not being afraid to embrace my natural hair. Around 2006 or 2007, perming my hair just kept growing to be a painful experience. I did not feel it was worth it. I felt like I was sacrificing healthy hair for a “look” I thought I wanted. I slowly started to transition and cut off permed ends. In November of 2011, I cut off the last of the perm and was so happy I did. My hair is growing non-stop now and I have learned so much about taking care of it. And now, that I have a 5-year old daughter makes the whole experience even more worth it. She loves her hair and is learning how to keep it healthy. I let her know the importance of water and eating her vegatables and how that relates to the state of her hair…and she is just soaking it all in. I wish I had been her age learning about all of this but I am grateful for having the courage and resources available as I got older to pursue the knowledge when no one else around me was doing the same. Well… I am going to leave this here for now and post day 18 later. I promised my daughter we would create a scrapbook page today when she gets home from school. So, I am going to try to get some things done and have everything ready for her to use. Thanks for visiting!!

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  • Such a cute photo. What kind of flash do you use. The lighting in your photos is always so bright and beautiful. Do you use a diffuser with your flash? Or are you one of the lucky people who have great natural light in your home?ReplyCancel

    • Tronesia

      Hi Amy…thank you! I wish I had great natural light. :) This photo was taken at night with a 430 EX II Speedlight. I was using the Gary Fong Universal Cloud Diffuser. Sometimes I switch up between it and a LumiQuest bounce reflector kit.ReplyCancel