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And…the Elf makes an entrance!

It’s the first day of December and the fun has started. I had Aida to put take her breakfast plate back into the kitchen. As she comes upstairs, she is about to run into my room when she realizes an elf has got a little comfy on her bed. She looks back at me and goes “Mommy he’s here!” I just smiled at her. I read the note he’d left her and it seems she has a mystery to solve. She really loved that part. Her first clue is a Christmas tree. I told her that if she can solve the mystery she will get a special gift. She is so excited. I asked her what she would be naming her elf and she chose the name : Shishya. I have no idea where she got this name from, but it’s her choice and it was the first one she came up with…and quickly too…like it’s a normal name. Lol!

We will be putting up our tree today and hopefully spending some time together as a family….away from all of our gadgets (except for cameras..of course!!!!) Thanks for visiting!

By the way- if you have some elf photos to share, please feel free to link me to your blog, instagram, pinterest or whereever you are sharing your photos. I would love to see your pictures too! :)

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