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Baby, Baby, Baby…. A Year Old in 2 Days

I look around and I am trying to figure out what to do with all of these baby items I have. No plans for another and no friends nearby to give them to. At the same time, my heart is a little selfish and kind of wants to hold on to it all. We just do not have anywhere to keep it. Right now it is all over the place like the little guy that has outgrown it.

I miss the days of putting him in the baby swing next to my desk. I miss being able to sit at the computer with him and he just staring at every thing in front of him. There is no such thing as being still anymore. If he gets close to my desk, he starts tapping on the keyboard , picking up the mouse, or he will just start throwing random things on the floor. Half of the time he is crying if he is not in my arms. I can be sitting next him or looking right at him and he will cry and cry and cry. Some of it is him teething, and I hate that. I keep his teething toys cold in the fridge. That helps for a little while. And then, there are times when he is okay and just wants to be carried around. With my daughter, she enjoyed playing with her toys near me or her dad. This little guys wants all of my attention and he has no problem demanding it.

I am sure he knows what he is doing. He knows that I cannot resist the cuteness and end up picking him up and giving him kisses and cuddles. He just laughs and gives me the biggest grin. For the past couple of months, he has been calling me “mama-mama.” Of course, “dada-dada” was the first he learned to say and I had no problem with that. I hear my name called enough. Baby boy has almost caught on to calling his sister’s name. What I am really waiting on is for him to walk. He crawls so fast I have to stay ahead of him to keep track of him. He can stand up on his own and will take a step and then he will slowly squat back down to the floor.

In time, he will get it. There are quite a few things that he has quickly caught on to and he just keeps surprising us. Saturday he will be a year old and we have planned a special day just for him. A year has passed by and I am happy to be mama to this busy little guy.

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