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Day 2: R & R Elf Style

2 Dec 2012 | Life

This morning my daughter woke up looking for her elf. She ran straight to her room and discovered he was not there. Then the questions came. “Where is he?” “Mommy did he leave” “Is he coming back” I let Aida know that we had to find him because he was supposed to be here to watch her but it seems he is up to something. She laughed and told me that she would look for him. So, she eats her breakfast and forgets all about it and then afterwards, she’s like “hey, where is my elf.” She finally gets to looking around again and she found him. Aida laughed and shouted “He’s silly!! I found that silly elf. He has my marshmallows!”

She was thrilled to see another note with her next clue. The excitement in her voice and on her face was priceless. Every holiday starts off rocky for me but she seeing her joy, I cannot help but do my best to turn that around. We still have not put up our tree. So let me go and get on that job….lol! Thanks for visiting and I hope you are having a great Sunday!