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Happy Mother’s Day | 2017

14 May 2017 | Life

On Mother’s Day, the first person I think of is my mama. My thoughts go to all of the good memories and the memories that made me who I am today and the memories that shaped the way I think about life. I am so thankful for her, especially knowing that so much of her is infused into my life. I can remember some of the more challenging moments and how I tried my best to be a good daughter and be there and I always hope that she knows I love her.

I remember how she would wake us up on Saturday mornings by busting through the door of our rooms with the vacuum cleaner. If Ma was up, we were all going to get up. It was time to clean up and get ready for the day. On Sunday mornings, she would make us breakfast before getting us up and making us go to church. As I got older, I would say “you keep making me go and when I am older, I won’t want to go because I’m being forced now.” She didn’t care. We still had to get up and go. She was the “Sheriff.” I am pretty sure now if she demanded me to do something, I would do it without question. (lol!) She taught me how to iron my pleated uniform skirts perfectly and how to get my white blouses pressed to her liking. The only way to do things was the right way. There was no other way with her. I used to think this is so hard and why does it have to be and now I know there was a much bigger lesson that I was not seeing. My mama loves and she loves hard. Each morning or afternoon (sometimes both), I call her for our daily talk. We talk about everything and nothing and it just feels good to hear her voice on the other end of the line. My children, my sister’s children have a great grandmother. There is nothing I have seen her unwilling to do for them.

I love you Ma!! I hope that you are having a wonderful day on this Mother’s Day. From our little family in Wisconsin, we are sending you lots of love and hugs.