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Henna for Kids + Natural Hair Update

It has been a minute since I posted about my daughter’s or my hair. Not much has changed about our routine but the products I use have changed. I use more homemade products now. When I first started this journey, I did not think I would ever utter those words. I am glad I did not give up on it. My natural hair crush, Naptural85 (Whitney) on YouTube, has a few great recipes. I started with hers at first and mixed up a few my own according to what works for us. Everyone’s texture is different, so you just have to experiment, be open and patient and find your way towards what works for you. I am so happy I got better at that patient part. It was rough for a minute.

The other day I was looking and researching henna again. Some days I am too tired or no longer have the time to do my hair like I want to. I miss experimenting with styles on the weekends or Thursday evenings. The henna though, I bought some from the same place I did the first time online, Henna Sooq. The package got here so fast this time. I ordered it last Thursday and I looked up and saw my package was here that Saturday. I love how they package their product and include a brochure with instructions and suggestions for use. Everything is clearly labeled and dated. I got a chance to try their Organic Cocoa Butter and Cocoveda Oil. So far, I have melted the cocoa butter in a small bowl by letting it sit in hot water. I mixed it together with a little of our Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lotion and tried it on my 1-year old son’s skin. It seemed to help, and not agitate, his eczema. His skin did not get as dry or splotchy as fast as it normally does, and I even skipped the cortisone cream I normally use. I definitely have to get more once I am out.

Back to the henna though, the first time I did mine was back in 2012. I wanted to try it on Aida’s hair as a conditioning treatment. I bought 200 grams of the Cassia Obvata henna which is neutral and will not change the color of dark hair. I mixed up the Cassia and added a little Amla powder and some coconut oil. It took me about 40 minutes to apply with a brush (a couple of breaks for diaper changes for baby boy). I let it stay on her hair 45 more minutes after that before washing it out and using conditioner. Her hair is darker and feels even more soft and was easier to go through. Normally detangling is such a pain for her but it was not nearly as bad. I am going to twist her hair up to let it settle before trying a few twist outs to really see if there’s a difference.

I will come back later today with photos of her hair after I take down her twists. It was so late the night I finished, so I did not get photos right after.

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