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Her First Day

My daughter was too excited last night to get to school. I had everything ready to go last night-backpack, her snack, medication, extra supplies, outfit and even made her a headband to match. It was hard for her to stay asleep and this morning she wanted to rush through everything, so she could get to school. It was only half a day, so she was lucky. Otherwise, I am sure I would have heard about her passing out in class.

I am also sure that Aida had no idea what was in store for her. She thought she could take her phone and iPad to school in case she got bored. Such a sad face when she learned there would be no such thing. Then, she asked if she could take her cup of lemonade. Another sad face. I think after those two she just gave up on asking what she could take with her. Eventually we made it to the school and it was not too bad of a crowd at all. My school was small so I had no idea what to expect. They were very organized and I really appreciated that; it made for a smooth morning.

My guy and I were able to take Aida to her class and get a few more photos. We gave her hugs and kisses and she was good to go. At first, she thought she could just start playing but I had to remind her of the teacher’s instructions to sit down at her seat. All of the other kids were sitting and starting to color and mine just had her own idea of how she thought the day would go. Only Aida-belle! [icon name=”icon-smile”] I had to laugh.

Here are a few of the photos from this morning:


[icon name=”icon-camera-retro”] Aida’s first day outfit:  Shirt/Skort/Leggings – Childrens’ Place

| Shoes – | Jacket – Old Navy | Backpack – Amazon

She picked out her own outfit. We had to add leggings and the jacket because it was chilly out and she is always cold. To add to that, she did not eat much breakfast so ended up going to school with blue lips (from the low iron). Thankfully, they have morning snack. That is probably the one thing I forgot about – to tell them about her non-eating/low iron. We had a few scares when she was younger where she would have blue lips and hands and have the chills. It scared me so bad. Her doctor at the time ordered lab work to confirm and she had to take iron supplements. I just hope we do not get to that point again.

Overall, for her first day, although it was short, she seemed to have enjoyed it. She is ready to go back tomorrow. I had a hard time deciding what to do about her tree nut/peanut allergy. The teacher gave me the option of having a peanut-free classroom and after a conversation, I decided that would be best since she cannot come into contact with them at all. The school nurse also suggested having her sit at the peanut-free table for lunch. I don’t want her to be alone and away from her class but I do want her safe and sound, and there will be others her age at the same table, so I am hoping for the best. When I told her, she seemed excited to be sitting with other kids in the same situation (no idea why she was excited about the idea). Maybe she knows more than I give her credit. After today, I am anxious to see what the year ahead will be like.

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