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So I have made it through my first week in the northern part of the U.S. of A. and this Alabama girl sure has some things to get used to. I thought I would just list a few of my thoughts of things I wish I had known before moving to Wisconsin….while it is still VERY cold! :)

#1 – I wish I had known I needed 2 or more pairs of socks inside the house. My fiance has had the temp around 70 degrees and my toes have been completely numb. My entire body is cold; I bumped up the temp a few degrees and can finally feel the warmth in my toes. I surely need more socks.

#2 – I wish I had known how cold WIND can really be. We went to the grocery EARLY Saturday…well before 1 or 2 pm and the WIND hit me and whipped straight through my ear canals and made me feel like I might just get the flu, congestion or something from that wind alone. It was crazy!

#3 – I wish I had known NOT to try to go to dinner after sundown. We ventured out to Texas Roadhouse on Friday evening. The food was good but my teeth were chattering the entire walk to and from the restaurant and during our wait to be seated (it was VERY crowded).

#4 -I wish I had known that I would not regret stocking up on non-perishable items. The weeks before I left, I bought all kinds of paper products, toiletries and food items whenever I saw they were on sale. I bought the paper goods in bulk at Sam’s. Now the tax up here is MUCH cheaper and I do LOVE that but I will sacrifice a few extra dollars to avoid the cold and suffering I have to go through to get to the store.

There are a few more things but I am sure those will come up some other time. I do know that I am glad to have my two loves and I back under one roof. We had a great lazy Sunday. On Saturday, Aida got her first board game (Super Why ABC Game) and handheld game system. Her dad spoils her way too much. She is doing pretty well though. The other day she told me that I should go to work so that she can go to a new daycare and make new friends. I thought we would enjoy this time before she begins school, but it seems like she is trying to escape…lol! I have some things planned for us during the coming weeks though. We will see how that goes.

Here’s a photo of her today as she was about to “leave.” She got upset with her dad for telling her to turn the volume down on her game, so she planned to leave and go to another house.Lol!! I  do not know what she was thinking.

Off to bed for me….later!

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  • *giggles* She looks like she took moving out pretty well, though =) Good luck with the cold! Get some scarves–keep them around your neck inside, and over your ears outdoors. Always make sure your upper body is nice and cozy–layers!–and then the rest of the body should follow… =)ReplyCancel