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New Blog Name + Updates

Just a few things I wanted to share while I have a little quiet time over here in kidland.

  1. New blog name : I chose the new name as a play on the word honestly. The idea was to find a way to encompass all that I blog about. I am trying hard to get back to sharing more…blogging more… It has been challenging to find time to do things lately but I am determined, even if it means missing sleep.
  2. The Story of my Life | tagline explained : I get bored with things fairly quickly, especially tasks I have to do daily. It has taken me awhile to admit it but sometimes I just need a break. Usually when I am in one of the modes, that phrase “it’s the story of my life” pops into my head.
  3. Summer is ending. : I am not too excited about it. My daughter goes to school the 1st of September. She is my quiet and extremely low maintenance child. I mean, beyond the basic things she needs, she is no trouble. I am going to miss my little right hand lady during the daytime. The other day she did tell me she was ready to get back to school and see all of her friends.
  4. Jill Scott’s new album Woman : I bought it without listening first. The last few albums I did the same thing and did not regret it. I was not sure about this one at first. You can definitely tell she has more stories to tell and it is different than her other albums. After listening to the first 7 songs for a few times, I could not stop listening and singing them. My favorite songs on the album: Prepared, Run Run Run, Can’t Wait, Lighthouse, Willing (interlude), Closure. If you have not heard it, it is definitely worth a listen.

Today I am supposed to be scrapbooking. I have a goal of 6 pages I want to make over the course of the weekend. We shall see.

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