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Our Chaotic Everyday Captured

7 Mar 2016 | Life

When these two get together, there is no telling what will happen. Miss A is always full of smiles and loves being silly and playful whenever she can. She has been missing have her dad home in the evenings, awake and active with us. He takes her to school each morning and they have their daddy-daughter time, but I am pretty sure she really enjoys the weekends a little bit more. This particular Friday, she came home full of energy. Her and Brady were running around all over the place. At some point, she wanted Denard to pick her up and put her on his neck. He refused. He still tired from working the night before. Well, Miss A was not taking no for an answer and as soon as she saw her dad sitting down, she climbed up so quickly.

Eventually, it was his idea to get a photo of it. He said we should get a photo of our chaotic everyday life. All I could do was laugh as I got the camera. Brady was somewhere running wild and messing with any and everything in sight. Miss A was ready for the camera though.

You know, she will be 8 years old this year and her teeth have just began to become loose. I have been so nervous wondering when it would happen and how old she would be. The past few months I have had to slice and peel her apples and she has to get creative with eating her food. Her front bottom teeth are very loose, so hopefully something will happen soon for her. She is pretty nervous.

Of course, I created a layout centered around these photos. How could I not?

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