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Our Week(end) + More

This past week Aida had some visitors that she was so happy to see. My sister and her daughters made that long 14-hour trip, along with a good friend of hers. When we moved, I did not expect anyone to come visit us because it is a long way to drive, but I am so glad we got a chance to hang out with all of them. Aida called them daily leading up to the day they left to see when they would be here. She was so funny. I told her not to harass them and that they would be here soon, but home-girl was not hearing that. I told them we are going to make our way down there after the baby is born. Maybe Thanksgiving but if not… we are going to make our way… some way.

I had warned my sister that Aida was going to drive the girls crazy when they got here…. and she did. They are 13- and 15-years old, so not exactly playing with toys anymore, but Aida was determined to play and have fun any way she could. Her auntie bought her this game she has been asking for since Christmas. She is so much better than I am because I refused to buy it. It’s the silliest little game and I think she has already lost some of the pieces. I am sure she will be on the hunt for them this week though. I do have photos but have not gotten a chance to convert and edit them just yet. Probably by tonight I will. I usually edit a batch as I plan to scrap them and I hope to get some scrapping done tonight. Lately I have had some issues with my right hand/arm. My doctor told me carpal tunnel can be brought on with pregnancy because of fluid retention and swelling increasing the pressure on those nerves. I have a brace to wear when needed; it helps but I hate being restricted. It has definitely meant less computer time.

Anyway…our company left yesterday and for a minute, I thought Aida was going to try to crawl through their window as they left. I had to pick her up and hold her. I had to remind her she would see them again and we could still Facetime. Plus, we have got to plan our own trip to go visit them. She was okay after a little while and got in the bed to watch some Netflix with her new headphones…..

….. until the Internet went down.

She was crushed by that for a minute.

We ended up going to the park so she could play and ride her bike. Meltdown was averted…. and she was smiling again by the end of the night.

Off to get some groceries and attempt to make us dinner. 46 days until baby boy’s arrival and I am worn down… His crib is ready…clothes are being washed and folded today. I just have to get some bath items and we will be ready for him.

Thanks for visiting!!

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