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Post-Thanksgiving + Lately

30 Nov 2015 | Life

So, without saying too much, I might have about 5 posts sitting in my draft section right now. Many things hit me to write a post about and then I flake. I get nervous and end up not posting. Not sure why this happens, especially since I am so open on sharing my scrapbook pages online with journaling included. The things I write on my scrapbook pages are near and dear to me but for some reason, I just cannot do that in a blogspace. It’s like a wall is in front of me. I don’t know. That is really why I have a hard time posting.

There. I admitted it. It is not about the time. I stay up late at night just to scrapbook which also gives me enough time to write a post. Most times any photos or images I want to include I can get ready during the day. So what have I been up to, besides writing lots of drafts?

  • Getting rid of some big baby items. No more babies for me. I am good with two and no longer need a crib, swing, infant seat, etc… If I was home in Alabama, it would be much easier to give these things away to a friend or someone I know having a baby. No luck here. I did try Craigslist since my husband said he would do the meetups and even send the emails if I wanted him to. A couple of things I tried to give away and people flaked on meeting up. I have a couple more options I could try before recycling the items but it is at the point now where we just want to get rid of it. We don’t have a lot of space and I am in desperate need of removing the clutter that is hogging our space.


  • Playing the Sims 4, and 3 (just a little). Maybe a month or so ago, I got tired of playing my games on my husband’s computer and decided to get a new graphics card and power supply. I really miss being a part of the sims community. Would you believe that’s how I got familiar with Photoshop and editing software? I used to edit photos of my sims, after setting up the scene, to enter them in contests. Those were the dayyss… lol! I started a simblr and about to set up another blog. I want to make custom content. That’s the goal.


  • Trying to find solutions to my daughter’s seasonal allergy issues. It has been bad enough that she has to have Claritin to help with the itching and stuffy nose or she will not be able to go to sleep. The doctor immediately noticed the darker area on the bridge of her nose when we went. That is the exact spot where she has been rubbing this whole time. It was just odd to me for seasonal allergies to be an issue even when it’s so cold.


  • A little scrapbooking, of course! The one thing I cannot do without. I do not feel right when I cannot make a page. It’s like my week is not complete. I need some kind of goals, right? My latest pages are linked on my pinterest board if you would like to have a look.


  • Still getting adjusted to life… with a toddler. My baby is not a little baby anymore! He is walking, running, a little talking and a lot of words that only he understands. He definitely understands the things we say. He will sit and follow each direction his daddy gives but with me, it is just all laughs. I am actually pretty laid back until someone gets hurt. Little guy does not have his balance and is quite devious, so I have to be on the lookout a lot. Every night I run his bath water, he runs around looking for things to throw in the water. The step stool and my bathroom rugs have ended up in there too many times. Then, he has gotten taller so it is hard to keep things out of his reach. And it does not really matter if he can’t. He will climb and find something to stand on if he needs an extra boost.

So … yeah… that is where I have been and with a whole lot of thinking going on too. I get quiet when I think. Right now, I am just trying to find my place… my space… With the kids, it’s easy but outside of them I don’t have much else. It’s either make a change or keep down this path…which is not looking good. Anywho… not going into all of that right now… I may get in bed before 4AM tonight… er..this morning…