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The First Week of 2nd Grade

I attempted to get a photo of my daughter today on her way to school. She really did not want to smile. I have no idea why. She was smiling right before I took this photo. Seven years of a camera shoved in her face and she is starting to grow tired of it. Aida tends to get ideas in her head of what she would and would not like to do in front of the camera. Most of the time it is silly faces or these wide-eyed looks. She is cute either way, so I will take it. And I definitely want her to be herself, so I can have proof of all of her wild, silly antics when she gets older and tries to declare that she was never that way.

She started school Tuesday. After meeting her teacher just a week ago, she has already professed her love for her (lol!). Oh, and let me not forget, that she also loves her teacher’s style. Aida is a bit different than I am and loves clothes and shoes, so she is always on the lookout. It seems she has developed a thing for long socks, too. Her dad was wondering how many pairs of these socks we bought. I am not sure if he is too crazy about her long socks and shorts. I went to a private Catholic school, so we always wore socks to our knees. Her socks are definitely more fun though.

Her auntie got her this adorable lunch tote for her birthday. Aida claimed she was going to packing her own lunch every night, and… I have not seen it yet. Since she has been able to actually play with Brayden, things have gotten much more active around here (and a little scary at times since baby boy is still working on his balance).

So far, the school year is off to a good start. I am happy we have a teacher that is easy to talk to and one that my daughter is enjoying. I cannot wait to see what she learns this year.


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